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    I, A Millennial Mom, Had My Gen Z Son And His Friend Try '90s Kids Snacks β€” Here's What They Thought


    Ah, the '90s. THEY WERE A TIME. And if you were a '90s kid, you know the snacks were a VERY GOOD TIME.

    Lunchables /Β

    As an A+ millennial mom, I knew that I was doing my kid a disservice by not allowing his taste buds to experience the ~taste~ of '90s childhood β€” a taste that many Gen Z'ers will never know! So, I decided to gift my 12-year-old son, Evan, and his 13-year-old friend, Jovan, the ultimate millennial loot.

    Krista Torres

    I felt like their ages were great because they have lived life long enough to appreciate flavors beyond Cheerios, but are still young enough to enjoy that not-so-good-for-you taste of '90s snacks. (Also, if you've never tried getting two tween kids to take decent photos, it's hard.)

    On my quest to find the best snacks (searching Amazon), I discovered that many of the popular '90s snacks still exist β€” they just look a bit different.

    Krista Torres

    Here's What I Got:

    Dunkaroos, Candy Buttons, Candy Cigarettes*, Wax Bottle Candy Drinks, and knockoff version of Cream Savers because I couldn't find them and they WERE A STAPLE!

    *Before we get any further, candy cigarettes were BIG when I was growing up, so I got them on the good motherly condition that I would give the boys a full 30-minute lecture on why smoking is bad...

    SPOILER: They already knew and thought the idea of candy cigarettes was beyond ridiculous.

    First up, we have Dunkaroos. If you're a millennial, they need no explanation. (I am also adding in my review compared to theirs because I AM THE TRUE MILLENNIAL!)

    Krista Torres

    Jovan: There's no way this frosting is not expired. I don't feel comfortable eating this frosting. The cookies are OK, but the frosting is horrible. Eh, it's OK. 5/10.

    Evan: I would eat the cookies by themselves. The frosting is just gross. The cookies taste kind of vanilla, but they aren't as good as Nila Wafers and they are thinner. 5/10.

    Me: This is definitely a different recipe than I remember, sadly. The frosting did feel very ~processed~ and not as fresh(?) as it used to. It was kind of a runny consistency and lacked flavor (basically it just tastes like gooey sugar). The cookies also did not taste as good as I remember, but that could just be because my adult brain doesn't think they are as good as my childhood brain did.

    Next we have those mini wax bottles where you bite off the top and drink the juice inside. (After getting these my husband admitted that he used to drink the juice and eat the entire wax bottle. 🀒)

    Krista Torres

    Jovan: This is weird, you just spit out the top? What's the point of that? The juice is good, but there isn't enough. 7.5/10.

    Evan: It tastes exactly like Kool-Aid, I like it. What happens if I eat the wax? 8/10.

    Me: These used to be my favorite thing to get β€” and this holds true still! I bit off the top, spit it out across the room just like I used to when I was a kid, and drank the liquid goodness. It was sweeter than I was expecting, but it was soooo good.

    We then moved on to Candy Buttons β€” but the GIANT version of them.

    Krista Torres

    Jovan: It's just crunchy plain candy. This does nothing for me. 4/10.

    Evan: Ew. I don't like this. It's a crusty button and it tastes like medicine. 3/10.

    Me: I wasn't a huge fan of these as a kid, so I didn't have high hopes. Surprisingly, I actually liked these better than I remembered lol! They are like a hard, crunchy glob of flavored candy. The flavor for each one was on point.

    Once we hit the Candy Cigarettes, the kids were pretty ready to be done with my '90s taste test. 😒

    Krista Torres

    Jovan: It's OK, but it's not something I would eat every day. The aftertaste is weird, I don't like it. 4/10.

    Evan: Ew. It's like chalk. They're kind of like Smarties, but they taste more like chalk. 4/10.

    Me: I vividly remember these having a pink end that was the lit part, lol. These were just straight-up white sticks and the taste is definitely different than I remember. I remember them being slightly chewier, but these were brittle and hard. They tasted weird and, like Jovan said, they had an aftertaste I did not enjoy!

    Lastly, we tried the off-brand Cream Savers (called Scripture Candy β€” a very different take on a Cream Saver, lol).

    Jovan: I feel like I've had this before. If you like strawberries, you'll like them. 7/10.

    Evan: I don't like hard candy so this is just OK. The strawberry flavor is pretty good though. 6/10.

    Me: I am blown away. These taste IDENTICAL to Cream Savers. My husband also agreed with me and we love them!! The perfect mix of cream and strawberry.

    In conclusion, I learned that it's pretty much impossible to truly bring the taste of the '90s back. You just had to live through it. That being said, this did serve me some nostalgia and I'm glad some Gen Z'ers got to experience it!