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    Updated on May 18, 2019. Posted on Apr 27, 2017

    17 Parenting Brain Farts That Will Make You LOL


    1. Walking around endlessly trying to find things you just had a minute ago.

    Twitter: @Starliteyes81

    Also speed-walking to find your kid's other shoe.

    2. Failing to fulfill your parental "duties."

    melinda_barnhart / Via

    "Please tell me why you did not come last night?"

    3. Sending your kid to school with only part of their lunch.

    Twitter: @sornie79

    (Or forgetting to pack one all together.)

    4. And not packing your own lunch correctly.

    Twitter: @MoniSams17

    Carbs it is.

    5. Showing up to an empty school parking lot.

    Twitter: @RavynBrite

    Some days just start rockier than others.

    6. Finding ways to NOT have to move the Elf on the Shelf.

    marshall_family_fitness / Via

    Legit sold on this idea.

    7. Figuring out you're going the wrong way AFTER your kid calls you out.

    Twitter: @albrash

    You knew you had that kid for a reason.

    8. Needing your kids to make this because you're so forgetful.

    9. Not realizing it was picture day.

    Twitter: @TTJT9700

    Hey, it makes for a great story.

    10. Placing reminder notes for your partner or yourself.

    jonesgb09 / Via

    It's handwriting practice.

    11. Creating more work for yourself.

    Twitter: @debgis

    Or those days where you use dry shampoo three times in a row.

    12. Letting switching out the laundry slip your mind.

    It happens to the best of us.

    13. And going to tuck your kid in when their sheets are part of the load that never got switched out.

    sierramelzer / Via


    14. Making regulations that benefit you.

    Twitter: @khristinaat1

    To cover your bases.

    15. Setting things out the night before so nothing gets left behind.

    plokijuhy / Via

    A foolproof plan.

    16. Resorting to last year's wardrobe.

    Twitter: @meghannkay

    Sometimes you gotta make do.

    17. And accepting the fact that this could be you in a few years.

    dotzygurl / Via

    It's inevitable.

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