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    14 People Whose Parents Have No Idea What They're Actually Up To

    They know all the tricks in the book.

    1. This person who figured out the perfect plan for sneaking out without getting caught:

    Soo I didn't come home last night... and this is what happened

    2. And this person who used to turn the breaker box off so the home alarm system wouldn't go off when they snuck out:

    @_essscee I used to turn that switch thingy in the basement on and off (the one that controls the power to the whole crib) just so the system would reboot and they would have to manually fix it in the AM 😂🤣 i swear my kids are gonna have the hardest time w me bc i know ALL the tricks

    3. This person who discovered a way to always make it look like they have good grades:

    Why the hell didnt this video come out when i was in school

    4. This person who figured out a way to prevent her parents from seeing where she is at all times:

    i have successfully tricked my parents into thinking samsung is a better/more popular phone for over 7 years simply so id never have to share my location with them or they couldnt use find my iphone to track me n that is just another example of me being the smartest person i know

    5. This adorable little person who is never going to let her parents tell her how to dress:

    My youngest snuck her Wonder Woman headband to school for pictures. We just received the surprise. Well played kid....well played.

    6. This person who devised a code system for texting, so her parents will never know what her real texts say:

    My girls parents are super strict so I gotta text her in code!🤫🙄🧐

    7. And this person who figured out a way to trick their parents into buying them a really cool projector:

    my parents bought me this star constellation projector cause i told them i needed it to study astronomy😂

    8. This sibling duo who won't ever let their parents know what secret shenanigans they get themselves into:


    9. And this person whose parents will never really know why she chose to apply to the colleges she did:

    @kat_drinkard @macymaine dont tell my mom but i didn't even CONSIDER colleges that astro couldnt live at. he's my guy!!

    10. This person who tricked their parents into thinking their classes were all in person so they could actually move out:

    The way all my classes are online but I told my parents they’re in person so that I can move out without a fight

    11. This person who somehow got away with hanging a Harry Styles shower curtain in the house:

    My mom has no idea I bought this or that it's up right now 😂👌🏼

    12. And this person who somehow found a way to keep SEVEN bunnies living in her parents' house without them knowing:

    7 bunnies that my mom has no idea about

    13. This 21+ person who is super sneaky when it comes to boozing it up in secret when with their parents:

    One is Sprite and one is Smirnoff spin . I’ve been drinking all day my parents have no clue 😌. Try it ! Just don’t mix up the drinks 👅

    14. And this super sneaky person who orders beverages that her parents have no idea even contain alcohol:

    Ordered a Mai Tai like it's a normal drink and my parents have no clue 🌚👍

    All the people in this post, in some form or another:

    What my parents What I am think I’m doing actually doing