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    Updated on Oct 20, 2018. Posted on Oct 18, 2018

    These 17 Men Are The Definition Of Masculinity


    Earlier this week, Piers Morgan said men who wear a papoose to carry their kid are "emasculating, embarrassing and unnecessary." Thankfully, our hero, Chris Evans, stepped in.

    So, I would just like to dedicate this post to the following 17 men who are peak MASCULINITY.


    1. This guy who has the most badass accessory ever...his kid.

    bellatownsend / Via

    2. This guy who no doubt makes the meanest hairdos in town.

    can_daddy_do_my_hair / Via

    3. This guy who welcomes the opportunity to take part in his kid's ballet class.

    mdedgerton / Via

    4. And this guy who takes ballet class with his kid to the next level.

    40days40outfits / Via

    5. This guy who is patient when it comes to potty-teaching classes.

    2fly2bdown / Via

    6. And this guy who can whip out a baby-changing kit anywhere.

    baby_choy / Via

    7. This guy who is always up for dress up with his kid.

    drewhinesley / Via Instagram: @drewhinesley

    8. And this guy who is open to makeovers by his kid.

    _iam_gemini_ / Via Instagram: @iam_gemini_

    9. This guy who obviously has the scariest tattoo ever made.

    honkeykonger / Via

    10. This guy who loves ending his day with a little Mickey Mouse.

    11. This guy who knows hugs make everything better.

    _jessi_montana / Via Instagram: @jessi_montana

    12. This guy who takes post-giving-the-kids-a-bath selfies.

    rgraves222 / Via

    13. This guy who is an ironing connoisseur.

    spelhouselove / Via

    14. This guy who smiles while sorting the family socks.

    withthebears / Via

    15. And this guy who impressively double fists the vacuum and his kid.

    scarletlensphotography / Via

    16. This guy who bakes with his little sous chef.

    chowdownnutrition / Via

    17. And this guy who slings pink bottles daily.

    jo_louise85 / Via

    Can we get a fist bump for these manly men?!


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