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This Woman Is Re-Creating Your Favorite Emojis With Her Hair, And It's Going Unbelievably Viral Because It's So Amazing To See

We are obsessed with these looks! 😍

Get in here, because you are about to witness art at its finest!!!

Laetitia KY is from the Ivory Coast in West Africa, and she's been making elaborate sculptures with her hair for the past four years. (Click right on these pics, they're so cool!)

BuzzFeed spoke to Laetitia, who said she was first inspired to make her hair sculptures after seeing African tribe women in pictures.

She can sculpt virtually anything out of her hair — with no help. She uses wire, hair extensions, and sometimes a needle and thread to create her impressive hair art. She said some only take 20 minutes, while others can take up to three hours to do.

Laetitia already has a massive following on both Instagram and TikTok, but her recent video series has caught the attention of even more people. She put her own spin on a viral TikTok trend where users create makeup looks inspired by emojis — she decided to re-create emojis using her hair:


This trend but make it hairy ! Comment the emojis i should do next ! #darkhorse #emojichallenge #emoji

♬ dark horse - beth 🍀

Her first video received over 36 million views. In it, she re-created the heart, headphones, squirt gun, and hand emoji:

Her second emoji hairstyle video also went viral — with over 18 million views:


Reply to @kfatouy comment the emoji you want me to do next ! #emojichallenge #hair #art

♬ dark horse - beth 🍀

She made the star, top hat, glasses, and bicycle emojis:

And, you guessed it, the last video in her emoji hairstyle series went super viral too, with over 15 million views:


Reply to @luckyspacefruit this one is my little sister request ! What emoji should i do next ? #emojichallenge #hair

♬ dark horse - beth 🍀

She made the heart-eye emoji, the bouquet, a telephone, and a house:

Her talent is just incredible! Laetitia plans to keep making more hair art, so if you want to see more, be sure to follow her on TikTok and Instagram.