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    People Are Sharing The Time They Drunkenly Mistook A Normal Person For A Celeb And It's Awkward

    TBT to that time I was hammered and thought I met Brad Pitt...

    Hello, welcome to another day and another TikTok trend (and most certainly something to keep our minds off the election stress). This time, people are sharing drunk encounters they've had with who they THOUGHT were famous celebs. Enjoy!

    This girl was sure she bumped into Matthew McConaughey:


    looked back on a vid from when i was drunk & thought i met matthew mcConahay in town 😐 bruh KSKSKSKDKJDJDJD

    ♬ original sound - yas 🌙

    And this girl was positive she met Brad Pitt:

    This girl was elated because she thought she met Timothée Chalamet:


    tbt to when i was so drunk i thought i met timothee chalamet #fyp #foryou #timotheechalamet

    ♬ Mystery of Love - Sufjan Stevens

    This girl was certain she ran into Ed Sheeran:

    And this guy swore he had a close encounter with Cardi B:


    I was so drunk that I was actually thinking I met Cardi B till I wake up and rewatch the video 😭#foryou #cardib #foryoupage #itsyou #youthought

    ♬ original sound - Bruno Oliveira

    This girl thought she had a run-in with David Dobrik:


    I really thought I met david dobrick last night 😳 #daviddobrik #DIYFashion #dopleganger #party

    ♬ original sound - cenza23

    And same with this girl:


    Tbt when I was drunk and somehow thought I ran into @daviddobrik #daviddobrik #fyp

    ♬ original sound - Miranda🌹🥀 - Miranda🌹🥀

    This girl was excited because she thought she met Lil' Wayne:

    And these girls thought they had just met Post Malone:

    Lastly, this girl was stoked because she was sure she got footage of Lewis Capaldi:


    Throwback to the time I got steaming and thought I met lewis capaldi #lewiscapaldi #fyp #BeatsDaisyChallenge #british

    ♬ original sound - Dolan Adams

    Ah, the workings of ALCOHOL. Has this ever happened to you?!?!?