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"The Drew Barrymore Show" Is Being Called The "Anti-Ellen" Talk Show After This Clip Of A Sobbing Fan Went Viral

Drew Barrymore is being admired for stopping mid-show to warmly approach one of her fans — something people say Ellen would have never done.

Drew Barrymore is truly god's gift to us. Her talent is unmatched, her personality is genuine, and she is just an all-around good human.

Closeup of Drew Barrymore on the red carpet reacting to the cameras

Drew currently hosts her own talk show, The Drew Barrymore Show, where she interviews fellow celebs, shares human interest stories and uplifting news, and more. And recently, during one of her show's tapings, she noticed a fan was crying. The BTS moment was shared on the show's TikTok where it has well over 21 million views:

Let's go over the clip and then discuss the comments. It begins with an alarmed Drew stopping to ask if an audience member is okay after hearing them crying.

Closeup of Drew Barrymore asking "Are you okay?"

A visibly worried Drew sifts through audience members to check in on her sobbing fan. "Did anything happen? Whose ass do I have to kick?" Drew asks as she walks toward her.

Screenshot of Drew Barrymore from TikTok

Drew then learns a woman is crying because she "loves her so much."

Drew walking up to a crying fan

Relieved, Drew exclaims, "OH! Thank god it is nothing bad!"

Drew talking to a crying fan

Drew then shares how she was ready to defend her fan. "Did you see me coming over? I was like, 'TELL ME WHERE THEY ARE! Because I will take them down. WHO MADE YOU CRY?'"

"Who made you cry?"

An IRL mad Drew Barrymore is something I never want to see!

Closeup of angry Drew Barrymore

Through tears, the woman — named Olivia — shares that Drew is her childhood idol and she "doesn't want to be that person to cry." Drew, however, reassures her that she wants Olivia to be that person.

Drew talking with a crying fan

The two embrace in a long hug...

Drew hugging a fan

...And then to further show her love, appreciation, and affection, Drew climbs onto Olivia's lap.

Embracing each other, and, in true iconic Drew form, she apologizes for having "dumpling breath" before ending with, "It's so funny you would say you don't want to cry here. I cry here all the time."

"Sorry I have dumpling breath"

The clip has over 24,000 comments, most of which are people just daydreaming of Drew sitting in their lap. However, one commenter got a lot of attention for their take on how different Drew is as a talk show host than Ellen was.

This commenter said, "Drew is the uplevel from Ellen we never knew we needed. We must protect her and that pure heart at all costs [face emoji surrounded by hearts]

Ellen has been under fire for years for her toxic workplace environment and for just having many problematic moments on her show in general.

TikTok comments, including "She's the Anti-Ellen and I love her" and "Was literally going to say the exact same thing"

So, it feels refreshing for people to watch a very down-to-earth and unproblematic talk show host.

Screenshot of TikTok comments agreeing

Someone who handles guests and audience members in a completely different way.

A TikTok comment said, "Yup! Ellen would have made them feel bad, danced in their face and made fun of them"

And it should also be noted that people love Kelly Clarkson — who hosts The Kelly Clarkson Show — just as much as they love Drew. AMEN TO THAT!

One person said "her and Kelly Clarkson are angels" and another said "You nailed this....true in every sense"