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    People Are Sharing The Most Disrespectful Thing That Has Happened To Them While Working In The Service Industry, And It's The Worst Kind Of Awful

    "Is resting your hand on my ass worth two grand?"

    It's a well-known fact that people who work in the service industry put up with a lot of crap they shouldn't have to put up with!


    So, user @sam_d0ll recently asked people on TikTok to share the most disrespectful thing that has ever happened to them while working in the service industry.

    She shared a story about how she was serving a guy who was "old and wasted." Throughout the night, he kept ordering expensive shots of tequila, and his final bill came to two grand. When she brought the bill to him, he placed his hand on her ass, left it there, and asked how much he should tip her. So, she said told him she would put the tip in for him, and she gave herself a 100%. GOOD FOR HER.


    this obviously isn’t close to the most disrespect I’ve gotten, but a good #story #funny #serviceindustry #fypシ

    ♬ Tequila - Original Version - Rodriguez

    Soon, lots of people with terrible experiences working in the service industry started sharing the unfortunate situations they've been in. Here are some of the worst ones...

    @chicagostyles23 — who speaks both English and Spanish — shared an awful experience he had working as a bartender at an upscale restaurant. A white man he was serving only spoke to him in (bad) Spanish throughout his dinner, even calling him the wrong name. Eventually this man said to his friends, 'OMG, I wish these Mexicans knew how to speak English because this is America.'


    #stitch with @sam_d0ll the client thought I couldn't speak English cuz I'm Mexican #serviceindustry #serverstory #storytimevideos #serverlife

    ♬ Tequila - Original Version - Rodriguez

    @selenaileen is still haunted by her experience working at a restaurant after two men came in and ordered pho. One man wanted it with shrimp, and the other one wanted it with chicken because he was allergic to shrimp. After she brought the food out, the men hounded her about making sure the chicken pho didn't have shrimp, to which she reassured them that it did not. The allergic man's friend stood up, got in her face, put his hands around her throat, and said, "I want to make sure because if it does his throat is going to swell up, just like this."

    @rikkileighh88 worked at a winery, where she was doing a wine tour for a group of people when her boss stormed in and accused her of stealing money. She made her get her purse and open every compartment in front of the whole tour, humiliating her so badly that she walked out. Her boss later called her, laughed it off, and said that her husband had taken money out of the drawer. Her boss then had the audacity to ask her what time she was coming into work the next day.

    @getleid420 used to work at Hooters. One time, a dad and son came in, and when she gave them the check, the dad asked her where she was from, and she told him Mexico. The dad then proceeds to tell her he is a retired ICE officer and asked her what part she is from. After she told him Oaxaca, he said, "Every time I caught people from there, they were the nicest and coolest people."

    @ladyaguilera2.0 worked at a bro-ey sports bar in college, and one time a group of men kept crowding her every time she walked by, asking her to dance with them, etc. She kept telling them no, but one guy was very persistent and handsy, so she said she told him to get the fuck off of her. Later, as she was carrying a tray full of shots and drinks by the group, that guy slapped the tray out of her hand, causing the drinks to spill all over her. The entire group of guys laughed at her while she cried.

    Working at an In-N-Out, user @mareyasacia had an experience where some pleasant, out-of-town customers took a longer-than-usual amount of time to order because they weren't familiar with the menu. The guy in line behind them was obviously annoyed, so when it was his turn, he told her was going to hold up the line and take forever to order since the people in front of him did. He kept pausing for several minutes during his order to be an asshole.

    As a former server, @raerockhold had an experience where a man's girlfriend said, "My boyfriend just told you what he wanted to fucking order, bitch," after @raerockhold suggested he order a salad that had exactly what he wanted on it instead of ordering a side salad with a ton of add-on toppings.


    #stitch with @sam_d0ll please don’t be this girl

    ♬ Tequila - Original Version - Rodriguez

    User @trevaynebxtch worked events for a New York hotel where people with ~old money~ frequently stayed. One night, a woman came in with a beautiful, ornate dragon necklace, and he complimented it. The woman proceeded to tell him that it was $50 million, to which he didn't have much of a response, so she then condescendingly said, "Aren't you lucky to be here?"


    #stitch with @sam_d0ll I ended up quitting bc the Get Out vibes were too strong 🏃🏾‍♂️ #TakeTheDayOffChallenge #oldmoney #rude #fyp

    ♬ Tequila - Original Version - Rodriguez

    @worstlittlewidowsara worked in fine dining where plates ran about $2,000 person. A man came in for his 30th anniversary with his wife and said he was allergic to shellfish. After @worstlittlewidowsara told him the chefs would accommodate, he pulled her close and said, "If you give me any shellfish tonight, I'm going to make you unzip my pants and rub my testicles."

    User @ashlyizzle worked at Starbucks in high school and one morning, a lady lost her mind because she couldn't get a cherry on top of her Frappuccino. After the manager confirmed they didn't have cherries, the woman told @ashlyizzle, "You're lucky you're semi-pretty because you obviously don't have a fucking brain" and threw the Frappuccino through the drive-thru window.

    @ash.renee.ley was a waitress at a strip club when she was kicked right in the gut by customer while she was carrying a tray full of drinks.


    #stitch with @sam_d0ll made for a good story tho 😂🤷🏻‍♀️

    ♬ Tequila - Original Version - Rodriguez

    When @spencewuah worked at Starbucks, there was a middle-aged customer who frequently came in and hated him for no reason — so much so that she would talk shit about him to his co-workers when he wasn't there. One time, the customer lied to his manager and said that he was putting cleaning products and rat poison in her food. It was proven untrue, but after that, every time the woman came in, he would have to wait in the back of the store until she left because ~the customer is always right~.

    When she was a bartender, @thejordanalexander had a man who demanded that she show him her boobs, so she told him to fuck off. The man then tried to get her in trouble by telling her manager she told him to fuck off. Thankfully, after hearing the whole story, her manager had her back.

    And lastly, when @md_dawg was only 16 years old, making $6.25 an hour as a dishwasher, the staff left him alone to make the food and serve the entire restaurant. He called his boss him not close and do ALL OF THE DUTIES by himself, including cooking and serving the food.

    I AM SHAKING MY HEAD SO HARD! SOCIETY, PLZ DO BETTER. Sorry to all of these people for their unfortunate experiences in the service industry.


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