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    Some Disneyland Ticket Prices Increased To Over $200 Apiece And It's Hard To Stomach

    Why must the most magical place in the world be so expensive? WHY?!

    On Tuesday, Disneyland's one-day, park-hopper ticket price rose from $199 to $209 on high-demand days. Low-demand days rose from $154 to $159. The park-hopper ticket allows guests to visit both Disneyland and California Adventure.

    Disneyland has pushed the cost of some one-day passes above $200 for the first time πŸ’° @hugomartin reports:

    The cost of the annual passes and the digital MaxPass also increased.

    I KNOW.

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    The ticket hike comes months after Disneyland opened the biggest expansion in its history, Star Wars: Galaxy's Edge.


    So what are "high-demand" and "low-demand" days? Basically, you will pay less for certain days in certain months, like Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Customers will pay more for weekends, and they could end up paying $209 for really popular dates.

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    A lot of people on Twitter are disappointed with the news.

    its rly unfortunate how disneyland is non accessible to lower income families and continue to underpay their employees some kids will never have the chance of meeting their heroes bc their family cannot afford it for a family of 5, the tickets ALONE will be about $1000. ugh

    However, die-hard Disney fans are openly saying the new price increase won't stop them from going.

    disneyland raised their prices but guess whose broke dumbass is still going every year

    Either way, we hope everyone gets the opportunity to experience Disneyland! Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

    im an advocate for children of all backgrounds to go to disneyland my brother has autism and disneyland was/ is one of the only places he can go without being harassed by others. it lets him be himself without fear of judgement hopefully this price increase wont stop that

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