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This Artist Draws Disney Princesses As Moms And It's A Neat Twist On Things

We love Snow White showing a little leg during her maternity shoot!

Oksana Pashchenko is a Russia-based artist who has always loved Disney. And, during her maternity leave two years ago, she became inspired to draw Disney princesses as moms.

Photo of Oksana.
Oksana Pashchenko

Oksana is pictured above at her wedding — which had an Alice in Wonderland theme.

She started drawing what she imagines the princesses to look like pregnant. "My pregnancy served as inspiration and I thought, 'Why not make these as a continuation of the happy ending to the fairy tale?'" she told BuzzFeed.

In addition to drawing the princesses pregnant, Oksana also draws what she envisions their kids to look like.

Oksana said some drawings take her several hours, while others take her several days.

When she is drawing each kid, Oksana looks at the facial features of other children in Disney cartoons. "It is just my fantasy of what I think they would look like," she added.

Here is her version of Aladdin and Jasmine:

And here is what she pictures their son looking like:

I am in love with Ariel's black maternity dress here:

And her baby looks a lot like Prince Eric, IMO:

Here is Pocahontas pregnant — if she would have stayed with John Smith:

"I like to draw the theme of children, love, motherhood, and so on because I am now going through these stages in my life," Oksana explained.

She drew Belle with a simple but lovely blue dress while pregnant:

Oksana also adds unique details to her drawings, like how Belle's baby is holding a rattle that looks like Chip from Beauty and the Beast:

Here is Aurora pregnant:

And here is her daughter in a Maleficent outfit:

Snow White is showing off a modern maternity look:

Oksana said she doesn't have a favorite when it comes to her drawings. "I love them all — the quivering and boundless love of each heroine for her child is visible," she said.

In addition to drawing the princesses as moms, Oskana puts her own spin on other Disney characters. For example, she also imagines Disney villains at their weddings.

To see more of Oksana's artwork, follow her on TikTok and Instagram.