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Mar 9, 2018

Can You Correctly Guess If A Kid Or A Dog Made These Messes?

Both terrorize equally.

  1. Who is responsible for mangling this flip flop?

    thiskatinthehat /
  2. Who fearlessly busted into these rolls?

    motherofpurl /
  3. Who decided to sabotage this banana?

    tmrn9 /
  4. Who got into the beads?

    bicyclingbuddhaboutique /
  5. Who made this mess in the bathroom?

    stacybkelley /
  6. Who ate this homework?

    blackbuttoneyes /
  7. Who broke this plate?

    goldenredpanda123 /
  8. Who took a bite out of this delicious looking ornament?

    retroemama5 /
  9. And who sabotaged this gingerbread house?

    mslalac /

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