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    15 Creepy Pregnancy GIFs You Can't Unsee

    Be afraid. Be very afraid.

    1. There's about to be a new Conehead in town.

    2. E.T.'s little brother.

    3. The Incredible Hulk's got nothing on this fetus.

    4. This mom swallowed a watermelon seed and is now growing a watermelon of her own.

    5. Sally the camel has two humps...

    6. This alien that learned how to play leap frog in the womb.

    7. This creature that is channeling something.

    8. This other-worldly being that is trying to escape.

    9. This little extraterrestrial that looks like it could have several limbs.

    10. And this one that appears to have only one giant finger.

    11. This beast that nearly knocks over a glass of water with its mind in utero.

    12. This critter that doesn't like to be messed with.

    13. This wild thing that is scurrying toward the top exit.

    14. And this one who would rather escape through the belly button.

    15. Finally, these fellows, who will probably come out completely full-grown.