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    "Here's Your Birth Control. Good Luck And I Wish You Well" — The Way This Dad Approached Buying Birth Control For His Daughters Is Making People Laugh And Thank Him

    "Here's your birth control. Good luck, I wish you well."

    Over 12 million people recently became engrossed by this video where a dad gives his teen daughters birth control:


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    In the video, the dad says, "To my two teenage daughters, this is my first receipt of birth control for you two. And, apparently, there's a difference in what the doctors think sexual activity from a 17- and an 18-year-old [look like]."

    The father presenting the receipt for birth control with balloons in the background

    First, he pulls one pack of birth control out of the bag and gives it to one of his daughters, saying, "So, here's your birth control. Good luck, I wish you well."

    One of the daughters smiling as she's given her birth control pills in a small plastic bag

    And when it is his other daughter's turn, the dad whips out a large plastic bag of birth control and jokingly says, "And, hello, do you guys wanna tell dad something...?"

    BuzzFeed just had to get in touch with this fam. The dad is a man named J.J. Murphy, and his daughters from the video are Emma (on the left) and Ryan (on the right).

    J.J. with his two daughters

    Emma said that she told her dad she wanted to start birth control before leaving for college. "I wanted my body to have time to get used to the side effects. I told him that we might as well put Ryan on it at the same time. It was a mutual agreement for the most part, and my dad gave us his support."

    Emma and Ryan are just two of the five daughters J.J. has. "As a retired military officer, my girls grew up with me missing key events in their lives. When I am with them, it is important for me to establish a trusting relationship. As the only man in the house, I want to be protective of them while also being open about sex, pregnancy prevention, and sexual health. I want them to know that I am open to whomever they bring home as long as they are treated respectfully," J.J. said.

    The girls said they feel fortunate that their father is so supportive and described their whole process of getting birth control as teens to be "easy peasy."

    "I am so proud of my girls, some of whom have dated in and out of their gender and race. My advice to other dads is your daughters want to have a trusting relationship. It is clear that many girls and women felt — or still feel — worried to talk to their fathers about sex or contraception. This leads me to believe they are also afraid to speak to them about rape, abuse, mental health, depression, or substance abuse. When you have trust with your daughters, these conversations make the uncomfortable more comfortable," J.J. said.

    J.J. holding his daughters when they were toddlers