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Couples Are Having Open Marijuana Bars At Their Weddings And People Are Into It

High on love.

Serving weed at weddings is a thing now and I'm getting high just thinking about it.

Earlier this week, Bloomberg tweeted an article talking about how weed weddings are becoming very popular.

From bud bouquets to cannabis open bars, legal weed is now a part of weddings

The photographer of the wedding shown above, Forever Incredible, shot this cannabis-friendly shoot in Denver, which is one of the eight states where marijuana is legal in the U.S.

Companies are offering everything from marijuana bouquets and edibles to entire open bars that serve cannabis. Brands like To Whom It May offer specialty cannabis truffles, chocolates, and bonbons for weddings and special events.

People on Twitter were quick to react.

Some took note of how the ceremony could change.

And others imagined a high AF couple saying their nuptials.

The jokes just kept rolling in.

But – on a more serious and interesting note – Bloomberg says many people are actually saving money by choosing to have weed instead of alcohol at their open bar.

So, we might be seeing a lot more grooms dressing like this:

And a lot more wedding pictures looking like this:

You might even get sent home with a personalized, prerolled joint as a party favor.

Because weed weddings are here to stay, people.