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"We Have 253 Dog Patients Named Bella" – This Vet Is Sharing The Most Common Dog Names They See

"We have 253 dog patients named Bella..."

Over 17 million people recently tuned in to this TikTok from Alicia Pet Care Center where they asked employees what the most common dog names they see are:

Employees said names like Bailey and Honey...

...Chloe and Oreo...

...Charlie and Max...

But, almost all of the employees said BELLA. The office looked it up and they have over 253 pups in their system named Bella, making it their most common dog name!

In a follow-up TikTok, the office had the staff share their own pet names, which included: Pygmy, MJ, Addie, James, Nova, Todd, Mac, Rivi, Kimo, Sally Sparkle, Fezzik Hodor, Grover, Casper, Kendrick, and Shego. CUUUUTTTEEEE.


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BuzzFeed spoke to Alicia Pet Care Center who is based in Orange County, California.

They said that the top three most common dog names they have on record are Bella, Luna, and Charlie — and the most common breeds they see are Golden Retriever, Labs, Chihuahua, Doodle mixes.

One of North America's largest pet care providers, Camp Bow Wow, released their 2022 list of top dog names and Bella came in at number two on their chart after Luna:

Alicia Pet Care Center hopes their content helps relieve the anxiety some pet parents face when they visit the vet. "One of the reasons we started our social media is because we wanted to help people get to know the pet-loving people who care for their babies and also shine a light on the top-quality care we provide for their pets. We want to highlight our amazing and knowledgeable human staff — and still post many cute pups!"

So, if you want to see more adorable pet content — which WHY WOULDN'T YOU?! — give them a follow on TikTok and Instagram!


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