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    Updated on Jul 23, 2020. Posted on Jul 19, 2020

    15 Clueless Parents Who Must Be Entertaining To Live With Every Day

    Parents: They're free entertainment.

    1. This mom who thought the middle finger emoji was a candle:

    @oliviamcarter_ / Twitter: @oliviamcarter_

    2. This mom who doesn't know what her own daughter looks like:

    Today I learned that my mom has no idea what I look like

    @Raquel_Alyssa / Twitter: @Raquel_Alyssa

    3. And this dad who doesn't know how to spell his own daughter's name:

    lets talk about how my dad cant spell my name after 17 years lol

    @96kenz / Twitter: @96kenz

    4. This mom who thinks her kid's bong is a flower vase:

    @Christian__Beck / Twitter: @Christian__Beck

    5. And this mom who didn't know she was complimenting weed pipes:

    @bottomley13 / Twitter: @bottomley13

    6. This mom who doesn't understand how Facebook works:

    7. This mom who doesn't know what the family dog looks like:

    People can't stop laughing over this teen's mom who apparently has no idea what their dog looks like 😂

    @jeff_jssj /

    8. This mom who thinks she knows what marijuana looks like:

    today my mom asked "why do you have a pot leaf on your socks?" and I realized my mom has no idea what a pot leaf looks like

    @theashtrebloc / Twitter: @theashtrebloc

    9. And this mom who thinks the laughing emoji is the crying emoji:

    @Rudyjay2319 / Twitter: @Rudyjay2319

    10. This dad who doesn't understand how virtual reality gaming works:

    absolutely no one: my dad doing virtual reality:

    @ashleycacioppo / Twitter: @ashleycacioppo

    11. This mom who didn't realize what recent show Zendaya is famous for:

    Bruh my mom saw Zendaya in Oakland and.....bruh 😂 I’m weak

    @HoodieJello0_ / Twitter: @HoodieJello0_

    12. This dad who didn't know that people don't usually put photos of themselves on their credit cards:

    So my dad got a new credit card and they asked him if he wanted a picture on it so he thought it was gonna be a tiny picture of him like the previous card he had so he sent them a picture of him and then...😂😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣🤣 HE PLAYED HIMSELF BRUH!

    @roasted_weenie / Twitter: @roasted_weenie

    13. This mom who had no idea she was sitting in weed crumbs:

    My mom is so clueless😂😂😂 @randillon

    @ash10wilki / Twitter: @ash10wilki

    The text on the phone says: "Your mom is sitting in a pile of weed crumbs."

    14. This dad who doesn't know how to take a panoramic photo:

    My dad trying to take Panoramic’s of me. I’m mad asf.

    @sc_x_cs / Twitter: @sc_x_cs

    15. And this dad who actually is NOT clueless and gets in on a little day drinking with his's the mom who is clueless about their shenanigans in this case 😂:

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