Face Masks Are Now Mandatory In Some Areas, So People Are Sharing Clever Ways To DIY Them With Stuff You Already Have At Home

    Something as simple as an old T-shirt will do!

    Last week the CDC recommended that all people wear face masks when going in public. And since then, some places — like Los Angeles and Miami — have now made it mandatory for all citizens to wear them in public.

    However, the CDC isn't recommending that people wear the same masks as health care workers because those are critical for protecting those who are on the front lines helping to fight the coronavirus. The CDC actually said that any kind of secure cloth face covering will do.

    Mom made me this diy face mask. Stay safe everybody!

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    NOTE: There is limited data on how protective cloth face masks are for the people who wear them. But many health experts agree that they can help stop the spread of the coronavirus by preventing you from unintentionally spreading your own germs, especially if you happen to be asymptomatic.

    So here are some creative ways that people have been making masks with things they already have in their homes:

    1. If you don't know how to sew, there is an easy way to make one with just a T-shirt and a paper towel:

    An amazing no-sew DIY facemask design introduced in a youtube video by Jeremy Howard, a University of San Francisco researcher. #Masks4All https://t.co/h8vF6NR8qD

    Here is a video of the full tutorial using a T-shirt:

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    2. You can also DIY one with a bra, although, if it's not yours, I would suggest asking your partner before cutting it up, LOL:

    My dad woke me up from a nap to help him make a face mask out of my moms bra. My mom is still in the shower. Clueless.

    Here is a tutorial for how to make a bra face mask:

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    3. This dad had a ton of Crown Royal bags around the house, so he had them made into face masks:

    Dad had his Crown Royal bags made into face mask

    Here is a tutorial for how to make a Crown Royal face mask:

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    And if you can't sew, here is a super-easy tutorial on how to make one!

    4. One of our BuzzFeed writers, Shelby Heinrich, made one with a bandana and some hair ties:

    Here is the TikTok tutorial for how to make the bandana mask:


    this isn’t my typical content but I feel v strong about this 🏥 link in bio for how to help ##diy ##facemask ##tutorial

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    5. And if you know how to crochet (or want to learn!), you can also make your own from yarn:

    I crocheted a 100‰ cotton face mask with a removable filter..& it was easy

    Here is a tutorial on how to crochet one:

    View this video on YouTube


    If you have any other ideas for how to DIY face masks, let us know in the comments. And stay safe!

    For more information about the coronavirus, click here.