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Dear Class Of 2020, How Has The Coronavirus Pandemic Been Making You Feel About Your Senior Year

Are you scared graduation will be canceled?

Dear Class of 2020, we are sorry about what is happening because of the coronavirus. A lot of people may not know how you're feeling right now, so please help them understand.

Are you mad you might not be able to walk the stage to get the diploma you've been working so hard for?

Are you sad you can't spend this time at school with your friends — some of whom might move away for college in the fall?

Spring break probably got canceled. Are you anxious about prom or graduation being canceled, too?

Did you miss your last big game or your last big stage performance because of this pandemic?

However you're feeling — sad, mad, anxious, scared — it is OK. Share your thoughts and point of view to help others better understand and be more compassionate during this difficult time. Your submission may be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post. Hang in there!