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A Video Of 2 People Singing Christian Music To A Whole Plane Full Of People Is Sparking Conversations About Religion Being Forced Onto Others

"This is terrorism."

Twitter user @davenewworld_2 recently shared this video of a mini Christian music concert being performed on a plane full of passengers while they were in the air:

Imagine you get on a plane and you have to listen to this

Twitter: @davenewworld_2

The man who filmed the video made this folllow-up explaining that he was part of a group who was helping Ukrainian Refugees at the Ukrainian border and they had asked the air host if they could sing. After the pilot said it was OK, they performed the song. It is not clear if this was a charter flight.

And many people were not happy about it.

The video sparked a conversation about those who force their religion upon others.

Lots of people found it beyond rude and something that others should not have to put up with against their will.

There were a lot of perspectives being shared about the situation — nearly all of them being against displays like this.

Even guitarists who love music felt like it was propaganda.

To be clear, people are all for others having their own religious beliefs — they are just upset when those beliefs are forced upon others.

Especially when it's a time when they may want to relax, sleep, and just have quiet time to themselves.

@theRajivSinha @davenewworld_2 Some people wanna relax, sleep, etc... Enjoy their flight in peace and relative quiet? And not have a bunch of people screaming about their religion. Not everyone is Christian nor do they want to be.

Twitter: @AdBarta

And it was pointed out that other religions would have been stopped for doing something similar.

Muslim Congresswoman Rep. Ilhan Omar further backed this perspective.

I think my family and I should have a prayer session next time I am on a plane. How do you think it will end?

Twitter: @ilhanmn

Some Christians themselves thought the behavior was wrong.

@x0neiI @davenewworld_2 If anyone is playing any music on an airplane out loud so that everyone else can hear it, they’re in the wrong. I’m a Christian and even I found that annoying and I wasn’t even there.

Twitter: @belleofdaballl

People also shared their experiences with religion in the workplace and beyond.

Overall, the situation was something most people were not OK with.

@bmax4christ @davenewworld_2 It's about courtesy & respect for others Something you are obviously lacking in

Twitter: @JCTrevino9

And the reasoning boiled down to common courtesy.

So, we want to know: Have you experienced a situation where you felt someone else's religion was being pushed onto you? Share your thoughts in the comments.