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I Just Learned A New Way To Care For My Face, And My Skin Is Actually Improving — Here's What I Did

As a woman in her 30s, this was long overdue.

Hi, I'm Krista, and I recently decided it was time to revamp my skincare routine because...

...This is what the cabinet under my sink looks like. I'm embarrassed to admit that I spend way too much money on skincare items that don't work out for me and all of them end up getting tossed into this collection. 😩

Photo of tons of makeup products under sink.

So, as a 33-year-old, I knew it was finally time to talk to a credible skincare expert who can help teach me how to properly take care of my skin.

I sat down with Nicole Caroline, who has been a licensed aesthetician for 20 years — she is known as the skin whisperer!

I talked to Nicole about what I would like my skin to look like, how I would like it to behave, and my skincare concerns. "One of the biggest mistakes a person can make is doing too much. I prefer you do a simple routine rather than try every trend and everything that comes out because that can actually be damaging," she said during our Zoom meeting.

After our meeting, I sent her close-up photos of my skin so she could determine which type of products would be best for me. For the sake of me trying to help you all on your skincare journey, I am sharing some of the most unflattering photos of myself to date. You are welcome.


After evaluating the pics of my skin, we decided it was best for me to work on pore size, hyperpigmentation, getting an overall ~glow~, and anti-aging/prevention. Here are the products Nicole had me use:


Photo of the two products


Photos of the two products


Here are the daily skincare routines she gave me:

cleansing routine showing cleansing with oil and milk cleanser, followed by hydrabalance and eye cream

At first, I was thinking "Wait, I thought you said we would SIMPLIFY my skincare routine!" I was overwhelmed by all of the steps, but after the first week, I had it down pat and it was easy.

morning routine photo consisting of rinsing with cool water and applying niaciminide and sunscreen

OK, so on to the results — I took photos of myself in the same spot, under the same light, each week for a month.





As you can see, my skin definitely looked and felt more consistently hydrated after doing this routine.

I don't know how to describe that leather-ish skin texture on my forehead in the before pic, but the fact that my skin seemed less ~aged~ was what I was really most happy with.

I would say that this skincare routine was a success for me — but I would also like to point out that I had a personal consultation about what was best for MY SKIN. Everyone's skin is different, so please talk to a dermatologist or aesthetician to see what products may be best for you.

Let's end with Nicole's lasting advice for age prevention: ALWAYS WEAR SUNSCREEN! "Makeup is formulated to be makeup — not sunscreen, so the sunscreen in makeup will provide a little bit of protection, but it's not doing the job that actual sunscreen will do," Nicole added.

Special thanks to Nicole for gifting me with most of the products I needed to get my skin where it needs to be! If you are interested in learning more, you can visit her website or follow her on Instagram, Twitter, and TikTok.