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Cardi B. Got Real About Her Boobs After Pregnancy And Moms Were Here For It

Cardi's new catcphrase: "Titty Renovation."

Cardi B. is a super talented rapper, singer, songwriter, and iconic catchphrase queen.

So, surely, by now you know she and rapper Offset had a baby girl, Kulture, back in July.

She's always been real AF about life, and it's no surprise she's now real AF about motherhood.

iamcardib / Via Instagram: @iamcardib

She recently posted this video explaining that she has to duct tape her post-pregnancy boobs. (FYI, there's a LOT of cussing, so maybe don't play it at full volume next to your co-workers!)

And, of course, Kim and Kylie liked it because they freaking get it!

iamcardib / Via Instagram: @iamcardib

As a matter of fact, after North and Saint were born, Kim shared her duct tape "boob perk" hack, so she knows all about it. We even tried to duct tape ours a couple years ago, too.

Kim Kardashian West App

People in the comments were totally relating and sharing their postpartum body struggles.

Other people just thought the tape was a new fashion trend.

Either way, all of us were worried about how bad that tape would hurt being ripped off.

Hey, Cardi, look at the bright side. No matter what your tits look like, you'll always be a MILF.

iamcardib / Via Instagram: @iamcardib

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