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21 Unexpectedly Funny Gifts For First-Time Moms

Because parenting should be fun.

1. Crib Dribbler

2. Shit Just Got Real Baby Blanket

3. Baby Mop Onsie

4. An Adult Coloring Book

5. Pee-Pee Teepee

6. Boobs for Breakfast Onsie

7. Mommy's Time Out Wine

8. Go the F%#K to Sleep Book

9. Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle

10. Boobie Beanie

11. Taco Booties

12. Baby Bangs

13. Feed Me and Tell Me I'm Pretty Onsie

14. Dirty Diaper Survival Kit

15. Tortilla Baby snuggler

16. And Sushi Baby.

17. Chill Pill Soap

18. Bacon Teethers

19. BabyStache Kissable Pacifier

20. Kissing Lips Pacifier

21. Porn for New Moms

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