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Engaged Couples: Has The Coronavirus Ruined Your Upcoming Wedding?

You'll get through this!

Hello to all the engaged couples out there who are planning to get married within the next few months. We hope you are holding up OK.

When people ask if I’m worried the corona virus will impact the wedding

Tell us what is going through your mind right now. Are you still wanting to have your wedding in May or June, but worried none of your guests will show up?

Trying to plan a wedding, but really wondering if anyone will be able to be there... #Coronavirus

Or has your wedding already been canceled due to the coronavirus?

For those who‘ve followed our journey, a quick update: We canceled our wedding to respect CDC recommendations in this confusing, critical time. @RyanHaarer and I are beyond heartbroken, but we know many have it worse. Perspective is important always, but especially now. #9news

If your wedding was canceled, did you lose a lot of money?

Looks like #COVID19 has ruined my wedding. Tens of thousands of pounds down the drain. Thanks Coronavirus.

Did you donate anything you couldn't use or get a refund for? Like, maybe you had some of your catered food donated to a homeless shelter or maybe you had some flowers delivered to a hospital.

Many people are currently delaying their upcoming weddings and are really sad about it.

Never thought a national pandemic would cause my wedding to be postponed but here we are. Luckily it’s only delayed for two months. I’ve waited my entire life to marry the woman of my dreams @AsheSchow. A few months longer won’t be an issue.

So, tell us how the coronavirus has impacted your wedding plans, and you could be featured in an upcoming BuzzFeed Community post! And try to stay positive — it'll all work out!

With my wedding less than 11 days away, the coronavirus actively spreading, and people cancelling their attendance at my wedding by the day, I’ve basically been on the verge of breaking down every day. Today, my amazing students from last year surprised me in my office with