17 Truly Lucky People Who Have Been Blessed With The Best Neighbors

    It's time for the annual "I TOLERATE YOU" party!

    1. This neighbor who kindly lets you know when your kid is flashing the entire street:

    Facebook: jennifer.boysen724

    2. These neighbors who throw an annual "I tolerate you" day:

    3. These neighbors who are unapologetically honest and forgiving:

    4. This neighbor who does all the hard work of hanging lights on Christmas so you don't have to:

    5. This neighbor who bakes you cookies just because it's Friday:

    6. This neighbor who buys your pup their own personal swimming pool:

    7. This neighbor who lets the whole block know they have a good sense of humor:

    8. This neighbor who lends a helping hand without being asked:

    Omg 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺 my neighbor works for the power company, with the lines, and he helped himself to my backyard to cut the most perilous branches! He just saw that it needed to be done🙏🏽 💜 I love my neighbors! 💕

    @Noveasoul / twitter.com

    9. And this neighbor who asks for a helping hand and graciously gets it:

    I put this sign on my condo’s bulletin board at 6:30pm. Got home at 10pm and someone had already cleared it. Gotta love nice neighbors :’)

    @shells_scorey / twitter.com

    10. This neighbor who is thoughtful in the best possible way:

    Yesterday was not the best day in quarantine but the neighbors helped 🌻

    @barrettjcole / twitter.com

    11. This neighbor who always has a treat ready for the dogs:

    12. These neighbors who bring over tacos, booze, and Jenga:

    13. These neighbors who think of you during difficult times:

    Find me crying on my couch because our neighbors are so sweet.

    @taylorr_pattonn / twitter.com

    14. This neighbor who brews their own beer and shares it:

    @chrisjwill84 / twitter.com

    15. And these neighbors who share food with each other:

    My neighbors share fresh veggies from their garden. I repay with eggs from friends’ hens. I love #EastNashville

    @Leftieleftie / twitter.com

    16. This neighbor who makes handmade blankets to hand out:

    My self care involves surprising neighbors and friends with handmade blankets. 3 delivered during this quarantine❤️

    @CongerCasey / twitter.com

    17. And these neighbors who will make you feel special on your birthday, even if there is a pandemic:

    GOOD PEOPLE DO EXIST! And some are lucky enough to call them their actual neighbors.

    Mr. Rogers saying, "It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood."