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People Who've Worked In Customer Service Are Sharing The Basic Things Adults Didn't Know, And It's Mind-Numbing

A hamburger is the same thing as a cheeseburger with no cheese.

TikTok user @dinochickennugget6 recently asked people who've worked in customer service to share the wildest thing they've had to explain to adults on the job:


Interactions like this make me want to go see a Nirvana concert

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She told a story about how a customer who ordered online called asking where her item was two days after her purchase was placed. When user @dinochickennugget6 explained that orders typically arrive in a week, the woman didn't seem to understand and still demanded to know where her order was. After repeatedly telling her to wait because it takes a week, she realized the woman didn't know there were seven days in a week.

Other people soon started sharing their very unbelievable experiences with adult customers, like @sarahhhrae, who encountered a woman who was unintentionally stealing from stores throughout the entire mall:


#stitch with @dinochickennugget6 rumor has it she still roams the mall with that Sears shopping cart. #customerservice #thisisawendys

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The woman took a cart from Sears, then walked all around the mall grabbing different items she wanted from different stores. She then went into JCPenney and brought everything to the register to pay for it. @sarahhhrae wasn't able to ring up the items and figured out the woman had stolen all the stuff from the other stores without realizing it.

@emmaross_yt had an encounter with a person who didn't understand what "out of stock" meant:

She acted out a situation where a customer wanted the store brand of ham, but it was all out. She went back and forth with the customer, trying to explain that there was no store brand ham available at that time for purchase, but the lady just would't accept that answer.

The next TikTok — by user @desaraefountain — is from a time when her customer didn't know what a hamburger was:


#duet with @dinochickennugget6 am I the crazy one or are the same thing? #karens

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Her customer argued that a cheeseburger without cheese is still a cheeseburger — just without the cheese. When @desaraefountain tried to explain that was called a hamburger, the customer refused to accept the information.

TikToker @harmz_way interacted with a customer who thought the world "igloo" started with an "e":

He asked a woman what the VIN number for her vehicle was, and while she was reading off the number and letter combination, she said "E as in igloo."

@amandawarner54 had to tell an adult that lettuce comes in a salad:

There was no further context because we don't even need it.

User @bigvanilla96 explained a frustration that I'm sure a lot of other customer service employees have faced — having to tell adults that employees are not responsible for the products sold in stores:

He reiterated that employees of stores do not get to decide what items are sold, what color the items are, etc. because people come in asking or complaining about certain items they have no control over all the time.

According to TikTok user @dances_with_the_wolves, many adults do not know how to fill their cars with gas:

I'll just quote them directly: "You have no idea how many adults I had to explain how to put gas in their cars."

TikToker @valkory.99 had to tell a customer that she could not reimburse her for something purchased from another store:

She had to explain to an adult woman that you cannot return items to any store you want and get your money back.

And, lastly, TikTok user @desrycon really had to tell an adult that a TV receiver needs to be plugged in to work...


#duet with @dinochickennugget6 Gotta love people... #customerservice

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...The customer also didn't know what a power outlet was.

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