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    A Baby Had A Taco Bell Photo Shoot And You're Definitely Going To Be Jealous

    Let's taco ’bout how cute this is.

    This adorable baby from Missouri just celebrated her first birthday in the best way possible: surrounded by tacos.

    Julia Aiello

    Girl, that's the face I make when I see tacos, too.

    Meet Delta Rose. She had the photo shoot of your dreams.

    Julia Aiello

    Nom, nom, nom.

    BuzzFeed spoke with Monica Phillips, Delta's mom, who said the idea was inspired by a donut smash photo shoot she saw.

    Julia Aiello

    If donuts aren't inspiration, I don't know what is.

    Taco Bell has a pretty big significance to the family. Phillips said that — when pregnant with Delta’s older sister, Mariah — she went into labor while in a Taco Bell drive-thru.

    Julia Aiello

    She said, "As soon as my husband handed me the bag of food, my water broke, and two hours later Mariah was born."

    And the story goes back even further. Phillips and her husband, Tim, also had their first "unofficial" date at Taco Bell.

    Julia Aiello

    Phillips said, "It's kind of a running joke with my friends and family how much we love Taco Bell."

    The Taco Bell–themed pics were shot at Julia Marie Photography in Wentzville, Missouri. Photographer Julia Aiello told BuzzFeed she made the banner in the background out of real taco shells.

    Julia Aiello

    Aiello got the rest of the material for the photo shoot from Etsy. She said Phillips had been saving up sauce packets from the chain and brought the Taco 12 Pack, two bags, and some trays to the session.

    All we know is that besides being super jealous, we are all really hungry right now.

    Julia Aiello

    And since the family would never waste Taco Bell, Delta gladly shared her leftovers. #FAMILYGOALS

    Delta Rose in 15 years: