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    17 Things All Avocado Lovers Know To Be True

    What did the man say to the guacamole? Avocado crush on you.

    1. You are okay with the fact that the avocado toast is more Instagram famous than you will ever be.

    2. You live for this:

    3. Waiting for your avocado to ripen is like waiting for Christmas when you were a kid.

    4. But, when they finally do, you have to be within the one-minute window of ripeness.

    5. You elevate avocados to cheese level.

    6. You accept the fact that there are times when they will ruin your day.

    7. You just remind yourself there are times when you are blessed by the avocado gods.

    8. You think anyone who buys prepackaged avocados should be stoned with unripe avocados.

    9. You already know they have tons of cals, but you also know they are the good type of fat.

    10. You've mastered the art of removing the seed.

    11. You know they have other purposes than just for eating, like keeping your skin beautiful.

    12. You get excited when you learn new avocado hacks, like storing them next to bananas so they ripen faster. #yourewelcome

    13. Your worst nightmare is making the perfect egg/toast combo only to realize you don't have avocados.

    14. You know avocados are messy and you DGAF.

    15. You cringe every time you have to tell someone an avocado is not a vegetable.

    16. You know an avocado is the solution to any problem.

    17. And you know nothing is worse than having a bunch of avocados that aren't ripe yet.