17 Felines Who Need To Have A Chat With The Cat Therapist

    We may need to call the cat therapist.

    In a recent subreddit called WhatsWrongWithYourCat, cat owners have been sharing the bizarre things they've caught their cats doing. Here are some of the best ones:

    1. This cat who seems to be contemplating their life choices:

    Cat looking at paw upright on a window.

    2. And this cat who just looks defeated by life in general:

    Cat laying sprawled out on the ground.

    3. This cat who may have just gotten some terrible news:

    Cat close up looking weird.

    4. These cats who appear to be having some sort of creepy séance:

    Six cats gathered in a circle.

    5. This cat who looks like they're just disappointed in everything:

    Cat standing upright.

    6. This cat who prefers belly-side-up naps on top of cabinets:

    Cat sleeping on top of a cabinet.

    7. And this cat who sleeps stiff as a board:

    Cat laying flat on their back.

    8. This cat who enjoys hanging out in used underwear:

    Cat inside a man's underwear.

    9. This cat who might not actually have bones:

    Cat hanging off of a chair.

    10. And this cat who might have bones, but they look broken:

    Cat with its feet bent.

    11. This cat who probably thinks they have a chance at competing in the Olympics:

    Cat standing on a coat rack.

    12. This cat who finds pleasure sniffing their tail:

    Cat smelling tail.

    13. This cat whose life mission appears to be looking out the peep hole:

    Cat jumping on door.

    14. This cat who finds sitting in this position comfy:

    Cat sitting upright.

    15. And this cat who finds this position comfy:

    Cat all bent uncomfortably.

    16. This cat who could possibly have human hands instead of paws:

    Cat with its paw in the air.

    17. And this cat who clearly has limbs, but they may be growing in the wrong place:

    Cat with its paw behind its head.

    Cheers to the cats!

    H/T to /r/WhatsWrongWithYourCat!