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    Amy Schumer's Naked Pregnancy Photos Are Very Different Than The Vanity Fair One We're Used To Seeing

    Here ducky, ducky...

    Comedian Amy Schumer is pregnant with her first child with hubby Chris Fischer.

    And it's no surprise her pregnancy moments have been nothing short of hilarious.

    Like this life-like birthing cake her sister-in-law made for her.

    But, she's also been real AF about her pregnancy. (Amy has hyperemesis gravidarum.)

    But, Amy recently stripped down for a lil' photoshoot with photographer Heather Sten for an article in the NY Times.

    The series of photos were shot in New Orleans WHILE IT WAS RAINING!

    I've never felt more free.

    There you have it. Amy child-bearing, donut-loving, duck-chasing, naked-approving Schumer.