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    There's A Quick And Easy Way To Soften Butter For Baking, And I Never Knew This

    Grab a glass cup and get some hot water.

    Not only has TikTok become a great place for entertainment and medical advice; it has also proved to be a source of some very useful hacks, like this easy way to pull the tendons out of chicken:

    Well, TikTok user @passionforsavings has shared a super-useful hack for bakers! Here's how to soften butter in five minutes:

    In her video, she says to fill a glass with really hot water and then dump it out...

    ...then put the stick of butter on the counter, flip the glass over it for five minutes, and the butter is softened!

    To me, just using really hot sink water didn't seem like it would soften the butter a whole lot, so I also found another TikToker — user @shadyysandyy — who says you should put the glass of water in the microwave for one and a half minutes. That seems like it would be REALLY hot and soften the butter quickly! But apparently either method will work!


    Cooking tip of the to soften butter quickly without melting it #fyp #foryoupage #cooking #cookingtips

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    So if you didn't already know this, you can now say you learned something today!