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    The Age Gap Between These Famous Celebrity Couples Will Make You Scratch Your Head And Say, "Wait, That Can't Be Right"

    I'm still trying to get over the fact that John Stamos is 58 years old...

    1. Let's start this off relevant: It has been confirmed that Pete Davidson and Kim Kardashian are dating! And they have a 13-year age gap. Pete is 28 years old and Kim is 41.

    2. And speaking of the Kardashians, 66-year-old Kris Jenner has been dating 41-year-old Corey Gamble — who is the same age as Kim — since 2014. That's a 25-year age gap.

    Kris and Corey walking together

    3. Musicians Jay-Z (who I can't believe is 51 years old!) and Beyoncé (who is 40 years old) got hitched back in 2008. There is a 11-year age gap between the two.

    4. There is a 23-year age gap between actor John Stamos, 58, and his wife, actor and model Caitlin McHugh, 35. Fun fact: They met on the set of a Law & Order episode.

    John and Caitlin smiling on the red carpet

    5. Actor Priyanka Chopra — who is 39 years old — has been married to 29-year-old singer Nick Jonas since 2018. There are 10 years between them.

    Priyanka Chopra and Nick Jonas

    6. Film, TV, and theater producer Julius Tennon is 67 years old, and actor and producer Viola Davis is 56 — giving them an 11-year age gap. The two have been married since 2003.

    Viola and Julius smiling on the red carpet

    7. Model Camila Morrone, 24, has been dating 47-year-old actor Leonardo DiCaprio for about four years. The pair are 23 years apart in age.

    8. Actor Dennis Quaid and PhD student Laura Savoie tied the knot in June 2020. The two have a 39-year age difference — Dennis is 67 years old and Laura is 28.

    Dennis Quaid and Laura Savoie on the red carpet

    9. Model and actor Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, 34, and actor and producer Jason Statham, 54, have been together for 11 years. Their age gap is 20 years.

    Rosie and Jason in formal attire

    10. Actors Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor have been dating since 2015. Sarah is 46 years old and Holland is 78, making the couple 32 years apart in age.

    Sarah Paulson and Holland Taylor

    11. Married actors Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas share a birthday — Sept. 25 — 25 years apart. Catherine is 52 years old and Michael is 77...and they have been married for 22 years.

    Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas at the SAG Awards

    12. Actor Paige Butcher is 42 years old and is engaged to 60-year-old actor Eddie Murphy. The pair have an 18-year age gap.

    Paige Butcher and Eddie Murphy at the Golden Globe Awards

    13. Actor Alec Baldwin, 63, has been married to 37-year-old health expert and author Hilaria Baldwin for eight years. The two have a 26-year age difference.

    Alec Baldwin and Hilaria Baldwin on the red carpet

    14. Ryan Reynolds, 45, and Blake Lively, 34, have been married since 2012. The actors have an 11-year age gap.

    Ryan and Blake smiling

    15. Actor Harrison Ford (who is 79 years old) and actor Calista Flockhart (who is 57) have been married since 2010. They are 22 years apart in age.

    Harrison Ford and Calista Flockhart on the red carpet

    16. Musician David Foster, 72, is married to 37-year-old singer-actor Katharine McPhee. Their age gap is 35 years.

    David Foster and Katharine McPhee standing on a "Vanity Fair" circular floor logo

    17. Actor Bruce Willis, 66, is married to model and actor Emma Hemming Willis, who is 43. The two — who have a 23-year age gap — have been married since 2009.

    Bruce Willis and Emma Heming Willis on the red carpet

    18. Actor and musician Jeff Goldblum has been married to dancer Emilie Livingston since 2014. They have a 31-year age difference — Jeff is 69 years old and Emilie is 38.

    Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston on the red carpet

    19. Seventeen years apart in age, Amal and George Clooney have been married for seven years. Amal is 43 years old and George is 60.

    George Clooney and Amal Clooney on the red carpet

    20. Singer-songwriter Billy Joel is 72 years old and has been married to 39-year-old Alexis Roderick, a former Wall Street exec, for five years. They have a 33-year age difference.

    Alexis Roderick and Billy Joel

    21. And actor Matthew McConaughey — who is 52 years old — is married to model Camila Alves, who is 39. They have been married since 2012 and have a 13-year age difference.

    Matthew and Camila on the red carpet