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    Parents Are Reacting To A Letter Written By A Second Grader Who Wishes Cell Phones Weren't Invented

    "I hate my mom's phone and I wish she never had one."

    When Louisiana second-grade teacher Jen Adams Beason asked her students to write about an invention they wished was never was made, one student's surprisingly heartfelt response went viral.

    Jen Adams Beason / Via

    The Facebook post has been shared over 259,000 times.

    The second grader wrote, "I hate my mom's phone and I wish she never had one."

    Jen Adams Beason / Via

    The response included a drawing of a phone with an "X" through it and a sad face saying, "I hate it."

    Jen Adams Beason / Via

    Seeing the letter really hit home for a lot of people.

    @jimmy_thistle / Via Twitter: @THV11

    And put things into perspective for a lot of parents.

    @NSchelly / Via Twitter: @THV11

    Mainly people were just encouraging others to put their phones down.

    @TKtwiterpated / Via Twitter: @THV11
    @UnmatchedA / Via Twitter: @UnmatchedA

    What a good reminder to us all! Thanks, kiddo.

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