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After A Male Principal Said Students Would "Abuse The Privilege" Of Having Free Tampons, A Group Of Seventh-Graders Protested In The Best Way

"I wonder what the principal's view on the privilege of free toilet paper is?"

This week, Twitter user @ilyseh shared this image of a plate of tampon-shaped cookies. The cookies were made by seventh-grade students as a protest after their principal said the school would not provide free tampons:

My friend’s 7th grader goes to a school where the kids organized for free tampons in the bathroom. The male principle said no because they would “abuse the privilege.” The kids decided to stage a cookie protest. Behold the tampon cookies!

In her now-viral tweet, @ilyseh explained that the middle school principal — who is a man — refused to provide free tampons because he believed students would "abuse the privilege."

Nearly 10,000 people have commented with thoughts about the situation.

@ilyseh Kids would take advantage of having basic hygiene products?

Most are just wondering how kids would "take advantage" of necessary health care products.

@ilyseh Abuse the privilege? How? Using more than one at a time? How?

@ilyseh Abuse them how? Is there a high street value for them? Are they going to overdose? Use a super when they could have made do with a light? Are pads just a gateway? Next you know they will be on DivaCups!

Some people jokingly shared ideas about how students could prove they wouldn't take advantage.

@ilyseh Maybe the girls should demonstrate that they are not taking advantage of free tampons by returning them to the principal when they are finished with them.

And other people talked about how helpful having things like free tampons has been in other schools.

@ilyseh @KoriWasinger Our male principal okayed a personal hygiene pantry 2 yrs ago. It has been appreciated and not abused. We didnt ask before we set up a sharing shelf in the girl's restroom this month (pads, tampons and sample size deodorant). Also appreciated by the girls.

In summary, people just had very valid points!

@ilyseh I wonder what the principal's view on the privilege of free toilet paper is?

BuzzFeed has reached out to @ilyseh for comment, and we will let you know if there are any updates about the situation. Until then, life goes on...and so do periods.