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18 Reasons Why Black Friday Should Not Be A Thing Anymore

Cyber Monday > Black Friday

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1. Imagine yourself sifting through piles of shoes on Black Friday...

jhyman / Via

2. Now imagine yourself sippin' some wine, scrolling through shoes online on Cyber Monday.


3. Imagine yourself camping in a tent in the freezing cold at 3 a.m. on Black Friday...

ang_az / Via

4. Now imagine yourself warm and cozy in bed because you're waiting for Cyber Monday.

iamyemon / Via

5. Imagine yourself living through this horrible Black Friday scene...

Instagram: @freddyoart

6. Now imagine yourself living through this ideal Cyber Monday scene.


7. Imagine yourself starving on Black Friday because you've been standing in lines all day...

kenleyhargettjr / Via

8. Now imagine yourself eating a plate of Thanksgiving leftovers on Black Friday while you preview Cyber Monday sales.

_felinity_ / Via

9. Imagine yourself faking a smile because you have to work retail on Black Friday...

angelmoba / Via Instagram: @angelmoba

10. Now imagine yourself genuinely smiling because you know Cyber Monday means you don't have to leave the house on Black Friday.

jancistover / Via

11. Imagine yourself getting injured as you try to maneuver around the store on Black Friday...

Instagram: @rideandchill

12. Now imagine yourself injury-free because you didn't deal with Black Friday crowds and you won't have to move while Cyber Monday shopping.

13. Imagine yourself setting your alarm to wake up at 3:15 a.m. on Black Friday...

suzanneanorman / Via Instagram: @suzanneanorman

14. Now imagine yourself staying up until 3:15 a.m. on Black Friday watching movies because you live for Cyber Monday.


15. Imagine yourself waiting in a checkout line on Black Friday that extends to the back of the store...

ryguysuperflyguy / Via

16. Now imagine yourself never stepping foot in a store, but opening your door to see all the packages you ordered on Cyber Monday.

planner_chicky / Via

17. Imagine yourself in a fight on Black Friday that ends with leftover Thanksgiving dinner and a weave on the ground...

emmarobins0n / Via Instagram: @emmarobins0n\

18. Now imagine yourself with all your hair in tact and no Thanksgiving leftovers wasted because you stay the fuck away from Black Friday and know Cyber Monday is better.

queen_of_fivestar / Via

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