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8 Times Kate Middleton Had To Use Her Batman Voice On The Royal Kids

A rule enforcer.

1. When mom tells you to look at her when she's talking to you.

2. And when mom is about to lay down the law.

3. When mom tells you to stop complaining about your shoes hurting.

4. When mom has to repeat herself about not touching things (and the vein in her neck starts popping out).

5. When mom tells you to stop staring at strangers and walk beside her.

6. When mom asks why you went poopy in your big girl panties.

7. When mom tells you to stop whining.

8. When mom tells you to share with your sister.

And when mom really doesn't mean business because she is probably the nicest, sweetest, most caring mom ever.

George, Charlotte, and Louis – you are very lucky to have such a wonderful mother!