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Here's A List Of The Most Ridiculous Items People Have Actually Returned To Stores

A lady returned an empty bottle of wine to Costco because “it gave her a headache."

We recently asked members of the BuzzFeed Community to share with us the craziest thing they've ever seen someone try to return to a store and, oh boy, brace yourselves...

1. "Someone returned a toilet brush and after the lady left the store, I noticed little specks of poop on the brush."

2. When my friends and I were in middle school, we saw a Vine that said if you plug your phone charger into a watermelon, it will charge your phone. So, we bought a watermelon. After realizing it was bullshit, we returned the watermelon with holes in it from our charging box."

3. "A woman came in to return a house dress. We noticed that it was burnt in a few places and had been cut up the front. Turns out it belonged to the customer's mother who had been smoking when she had a heart attack. The burns were from the cigarette and the holes were from when the paramedics cut the dress open to use a defibrillator. The woman had DIED in that dress."

4. "A lady returned an empty bottle of wine to Costco because 'it gave her a headache.'"

5. I once overheard a woman trying to return a blu-ray movie because the disc itself was not blue.

6. I spent an hour in a pet store deciding on which Betta fish to buy, but when I got home I decided it was a stress-inducing choice, so I return him four hours later.

7. "My friend had a customer return a container of ground coffee because she didn’t like it. They opened the lid to find all the coffee was gone and replaced with potting soil."

8. "One time my grandparents bought a roast. When they cooked it they thought the meat was too tough so they returned a cooked roast to the grocery store!"

9. "A Walmart in my town was known for taking back anything you try to return. My dad once managed to return some cranberry juice there that he bought at Kroger."

10. "A couple returned a comforter they bought the day before. They had a receipt and everything, so it seemed legit. We went to repackage it and when we spread it out, we noticed that it was covered in obvious semen stains. There were so many that it looked like it had been used in an orgy."

11. "Someone once returned an empty keg of beer to Walmart. They said it ran out too fast, and they took it back."

12. "I once had a guy come in and try to return frozen, 5-year-old chicken breasts. The customer partially thawed the chicken so we could tell it was bad. The manager gave him two dollars to throw it away, but not in the store."

13. "I work customer service at Lowes. One time a customer brought back two dead leaves in a Ziploc bag that supposedly came from a tree he bought from us. He had no receipt or anything."

14. "I worked at a sandwich shop and I once had a woman come in and try to return a sandwich. She said that she deserved a refund because it was 'too messy.' It turned out she had already eaten the entire sandwich and only had a receipt."

15. "A lady slammed an opened tube of flavored 'sensation' lube on the counter and told me the 'tingling sensation' promised on the box turned out to be more of a 'burning sensation.' She then described her night in the shower with her partner, telling me that she ended up having to jump out because the tingling was so strong."

16. "Someone returned a baby mobile that was a 'baby shower' gift. No one opened it during the return process, so later we opened it to find an old Betty Crocker cookbook and chicken wing bones in a Papa John's box."

17. "When I worked at Kohl's, someone returned a rug covered with vomit. They didn't even attempt to clean it. They just rolled it up and returned it. It was accepted."

18. "One time in Home Depot, my husband and I saw a woman trying to get her money back without the receipt and without the item. She told them, 'Just give me the money back, and I’ll bring it with me the next time I come in.'"

19. "I had a lady return peanut butter M&Ms because there was chocolate in them and her kids were allergic. I told her, respectfully, 'Um, there's chocolate in every M&M.' And she argued with me claiming she's had M&Ms without chocolate."

20. "My friend and I once tried using a Ouiji board we bought from Toys 'R Us. We spent two hours trying to use it, but got nothing, so we returned it. The sales associate put a 'damaged' sticker on it."

21. "I saw a lady in line in front of us at Walmart customer service return an entire cart of empty food containers: yogurt, juice, frozen meals, packaged meat, etc, and get her money back!"

22. "I worked at a GNC when I saw a man return a large bottle with one vitamin pill left in it. He'd taken the rest. He returned one pill because it had a dark spot on it."

23. "I once had a customer return a set of solar garden lights because they wouldn't work in the shade."

24. "Someone returned used litter box with the litter and poop still in it."

25. "I used to work at Bath and Body Works and a woman once tried to return a candle that was almost completely used because the inside of the glass was turning black. She wanted to exchange it for a brand new candle, so we exchanged it for her."

26. "Someone brought me their receipt with 20 check marks on it. They didn’t like the items that were checked and wanted a refund without having to return the items."

27. "When I was a teenager working at a grocery store, we had a man bring back a package of condoms because one broke."

28. "Someone returned a dead Christmas tree to Costco. In February."

29. "Someone I know and love has successfully returned: a wheelbarrow to a garage sale, a postage stamp, a newspaper, a 5-year-old computer to Costco and exchanged it for two new computers."