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    Updated on Oct 9, 2019. Posted on Jun 29, 2018

    21 Next-Level Schools That Will Make You Go, “I Wish I Went There!”

    Defining "school is cool."

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    1. This school that allows seniors to paint their designated parking space.

    SuperJova / Via

    2. This school that makes a Super Bowl chart with a "not my thing" column for students who aren't interested in football.

    scidurt / Via

    3. This school that puts one roll of toilet paper over and one roll under to appease both types of people.

    7h3_70m1n470r / Via

    4. This school that has a Coke machine that gives free Cokes if you hug it.

    leafs_fan95 / Via

    5. This school that has an all gender restroom.

    Sparkle_Fart / Via


    6. And this school that has self-love reminders in their restrooms.

    irishlotus85 / Via

    7. This school that has a CVS vending machine full of medicine and hygiene products.

    CommandLionInterface / Via

    8. And this school that has a vending machine that sells school supplies.

    djahanbin / Via

    9. This school that hands out bubble wrap for stress relief during finals.

    legitplayer37 / Via

    10. This school that incorporated the mounted fire extinguisher into this epic hallway decoration.

    mojar65 / Via

    11. And this school that has fun things like a portrait of Abraham Lincoln made entirely out of pennies.

    12. This school that gave a student’s service dog its own photo in the yearbook.

    redflops / Via

    13. This school that has a student who attends class via robot because he has cancer.

    AlienBlueGreen / Via

    14. This school that drops students off in a Pickachu bus.


    15. This school that has wet floor signs with little fans on the bottom to dry the water quicker.

    WFS12 / Via

    16. And this school that has all-in-one sinks that allow you to soap, water, and dry your hands conveniently.

    tiinpants / Via

    17. This school that has a foot-washing station.

    chipalmon / Via

    18. This school that has a bike that blends smoothies for students.

    _Nrpdude_ / Via

    19. This school that has skateboard racks.

    blamethegamer / Via

    20. This school that has a megaphone for emergencies.

    larrim / Via

    21. And this school that puts up giant colored pencils to prevent people from driving or parking on the grounds.

    moosetuin / Via

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