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    15 Things Only Target Lovers Will Truly Appreciate

    Target, you get me.

    1. These two friends who have high standards for who they let in the ~friend~ group.

    2. This little girl who is literally you looking at all the things that you don't need, but REALLY, REALLY want.

    3. This couple that obviously has a healthy relationship.

    4. And this woman who knows how to party solo on a Monday night.

    5. And this girl who is you not wanting to admit what your life has become.

    6. This girl who has the most brilliant advice for dating.

    7. This woman who is not mad about accidentally becoming a Target employee.

    8. And this mom who figured out exactly what she looks like to other people.

    9. This man who fell victim to the black hole of Target.

    10. This woman who still needs to teach her boyfriend a thing or two.

    11. This woman who realized this honest truth.

    12. This person who fully owns her life choices with this welcome mat.

    13. And this woman who knows a good mat for $3 is always worth it – no matter what.

    14. This kid who just wants to feel like she's there.

    15. And this woman who realizes her mistakes, but doesn't care because she will be back tomorrow.