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    19 Moments All Moms Who Are Cheap AF Will Relate To

    Because money doesn't grow on trees, people.

    1. When you need an Easter pic but don't want to pay mall prices.

    2. When you go to the movies and sneak in your own snacks.

    3. When you use samples on a regular basis.

    4. When you wonder if people actually put money in these things.

    5. When nothing can make your day quite like the "Woohoo!" stickers.

    6. And finding this gem puts you on a whole new level of proud.

    7. When you don't want to pay for school pictures.

    8. When you realize your kid is already onto your ways.

    9. When your kid thinks the pet shop is the zoo.

    10. When you put water in things to make them last longer.

    BuzzFeed / Via Torres

    11. When you use the same Halloween costume two years in a row.

    12. When almost every meal is Hamburger Helper.

    13. When you're running late but don't want to buy the whole bottle of hairspray.

    Instagram: @momgonecray

    Don't worry, we won't tell anyone...😉

    14. When you are on toy-making level.

    15. When you are antsy over online baby sales.

    16. When you make your kids' valentines.

    17. When you wash disposable items for reuse.

    BuzzFeed / Via Torres

    18. When couponing is your life.

    19. When you eat from the kids menu because it's cheaper...

    Instagram: @dakotahwil

    ...and it comes with Oreos.

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