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    19 Incredibly Funny Pics Parents Captured That Show The Reality Of Life With Kids

    "She also enjoys stealing makeup, making up songs, and trying to sit on the cat."

    We recently asked the BuzzFeed Community to share their photos of what life with kids is like and they are hilariously accurate!

    1. Like this kid who wore a grocery sack as an outfit:

    "My son, Fox, has always done the weirdest things, such as this — modeling a Walmart bag in his undies with one slipper on and one sneaker on. Believe me when I say that this is only the tip of the iceberg with him, lol."


    2. Or this kid who buzzed a strip of his hair with his mom's bikini shaver:

    "This is my 2-year-old named Landon. He got ahold of my bikini trimmer and shaved right down the middle of his head. We called it his 'Landon strip.'"


    3. These kids who passed out in the middle of dinner:

    4. These kids who pull up a seat while their mom is in the shower:

    "I became a stay-at-home mom January 2019. I used to be pretty lucky when I worked because I could shower by myself while the kids were sleeping. But this has changed — now my children are pulling up a pillow to sit and watch me shower. Goodbye privacy!"


    5. This kid who drew a very anatomically correct picture of a woman with large nipples:

    "Parenthood is when your kid surprises you with their anatomically correct drawings, compete with giant nipples."


    6. This kid who broke the window playing baseball:

    "Living with kids means you also get to learn home remodeling."


    7. And this kid who is, apparently, just "being one with nature":

    "Becoming one with nature."


    8. This kid who makes the best faces when the spotlight is on him:

    "Candid moment while singing HAPPY BIRTHDAY."


    9. This kid who tries to make it past his bedtime:

    "Baby: Mommy can I stay up late? Me: Sure. *5 min later (Spongebob voice)*"


    10. This kid who thinks the toilet is a mini swimming pool:

    11. And this kid who loves expensive makeup:

    "This is the time my daughter tested four of my expensive, long-lasting lipsticks on her face. I went through half a bottle of micellar water to remove it."


    12. This kid who likes digging for gold:

    "This is what she does after I tell her, 'Please do not pick your nose.'"


    13. This adorable brother who tells jokes to his sister:

    "I just recently went from one to two. My son was kinda needy at first (which I expected), but now he absolutely loves his baby sister. I went to the bathroom one day and came back to my son telling his sister jokes and him laughing at his own jokes. The look on her face says it all."


    14. This kid who sleeps in the bathtub when he isn't getting the attention he wants:

    "He was mad I was snuggling with his dad. Found him in the bathtub."


    15. This baby who loves to ninja-kick their mom:

    "This is me getting kicked literally in the face (repeatedly) by my 3-month-old at 7 a.m. My road to having my baby was a long and hard one. I am blessed to be a stay-at-home mom. I wouldn't trade these kicks for anything in the world! I spent too many years with empty arms and an aching heart to not appreciate every crazy moment!"


    16. These kids who take over mom's bed the second she gets up:

    "*Goes to the bathroom to pee then get a drink of water* Comes back and...…"


    17. This kid who knows how to talk his way into getting sweets:

    "He asked me to buy these for him. I said 'no' and he said, in the sweetest voice, 'Please, oh please?! You'll make my life sweeter!' I had to get them after that and made him pose for a picture."


    18. This baby who eats her toes for a snack:

    "Here’s my kid with her toes in her mouth. She also enjoys stealing makeup, making up songs, and trying to sit on the cat."


    19. And, finally, parenthood is this mom who caught this sweet father/daughter moment after a bad day:

    "Parenthood is moments like this. I was having a tough day. The house was a mess, the baby wouldn't stop crying, and I hadn't showered in days. My husband came home from work and I managed to catch this moment between them on camera. It was so sweet. It definitely made my day feel better."


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