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    Updated on Sep 3, 2020. Posted on Oct 26, 2016

    19 Gifts That Will Make Your Daughter Feel Awesome About Herself

    Girls will change the world.

    1. Give her this hand-stamped bracelet to remind her that just being herself is beautiful.

    Get it here for $12.

    2. Let her know what it really means to be pretty with this decorative pillow.

    Buy this pillow here for $36.

    3. Inspire her with this powerful wall decor.

    Get this set for here for $43.95.

    4. Let her show how proud she is to be a girl with this cute tee.

    A percentage of each purchase goes to a woman in need. Get it here for $20.

    5. Remind her to be her own inspiration with this inspirational necklace.

    Get it here for $19.99.

    6. Empower all the girls in your life with this tee.

    You can buy it here for $34.

    7. Encourage her to fly courageously through life with this bracelet.

    Buy it here for $24.

    8. Inspire her journey with this lovely pillow cover.

    Order it here for $37.

    9. Or help her wake up to a positive message every day with this pillow cover.

    Buy it here for $37.

    10. Let her know she's one of a kind with this necklace.

    You can order it here for $39.

    11. Show her that nothing will hold her back with this wall decoration.

    Get it here for $24.

    12. Your girl can show everyone she's ready to run the world with this tee.

    Get it here for $19.

    13. She'll know she can write her own story with this recycled print art.

    Purchase this here for $10.

    14. If she doesn't love traditional "girl" colors, give her this relatable book.

    Buy it on Amazon for $13.64.

    15. Let her know the power of believing in herself with this locket.

    Get this piece here for $30.

    16. Get this onesie for the girl who's in charge.

    Buy this here for $18.

    17. Let her know that nobody's perfect with this wall art.

    Buy it here for $10.

    18. Get her this keychain.

    Order it here for $14.

    19. Keep her warm with a hoodie that features a beautiful message.

    The text says "I am not afraid of storms, for I am learning how to sail my ship." Buy it here for $28.

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