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19 Moms Who You Aren't Laughing At, You're Laughing With

Oh no, no, no.

1. This mom who thought it would be ~cute~ to wear a dress while taking her daughter on a walk in her handy baby carrier.

brightbirthsmama / Via

2. This mom who hid her kid’s Halloween candy in the oven, then forgot it was in there and preheated the oven for dinner the next day.

3. This mom who let her kid play in her drawers and they found her, uh, lube.

http://kerry.a.pollard / Via

4. And this mom who left her sex toy out in plain sight.

liannejudi / Via

5. This mom who thought she could make a DIY keepsake of her daughter's hand.

zowie_28x / Via

6. This mom who put the family dog's bed in the dryer.

7. This mom who had the bright idea to make her kids slime.

hot_mess_mummy / Via

8. This mom who thought a Pull-Up would work as a sufficient swimsuit.

mama_robertsx3 / Via

9. This mom who let her kid eat spaghetti on the couch.

fiestyfitcountrymom / Via Instagram: @fiestyfitcountrymom

10. And this mom who let her kid eat a peanut butter sandwich while looking out the window.

emily_russian / Via Instagram: @emily_russian

11. This mom who tried to cut a string from her kid's doll and ended up beheading it.

trishahitchcock / Via Instagram: @trishahitchcock

12. This mom who tried to give her kid a haircut when she had never used buzzers before.

thor_abc_makes_three / Via Instagram: @abc_makes_three

13. This mom who left the room – and also left the sink running.

bayb_kp / Via

14. And this mom who made the mistake of turning her back for five minutes.

kimura_cora / Via

15. This mom who microwaved her kid’s corndog for EIGHT MINUTES.

wcmccoyphoto / Via

16. This mom who gave her kid a Fudgesicle...unsupervised.

mum2many84 / Via

17. This mom who washed and dried her kid's gloves.

routledgesarah_ww / Via

18. This mom who thought she could substitute corn flour for real flour.

healthy_mum_diaries / Via

19. And this mom who let her kid run around without a diaper on, so they pooped on the floor.

mum_of_four_ratbags / Via

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