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    Updated on Sep 15, 2019. Posted on Sep 11, 2019

    17 Times Husbands Disappointed Their Wives With Their Lack Of Common Sense

    Oy Vey...

    1. This husband who bought the entire school supply list for every grade, not just the grade his kid is in:

    2. This husband who didn't know what a cucumber looked like:

    That feeling when you’re cooking dinner and you have to ask for your wife’s help identifying common vegetables and she’s absolutely not havin it

    3. This husband who thought he could dry his shirt in the microwave:

    4. This husband who cut a watermelon up like this:

    5. This husband who doesn't know what cupholders are for:

    6. And this husband who doesn't know what the lid on a carton is for:

    7. This husband who thinks urinals belong in family bathrooms:

    8. This husband who tied the bread bag so tight no one could get it open:

    9. This husband who doesn't understand that phones don't go in the fridge ON THE EDGE OF THE SHELF:

    Oh no 🤦🏻‍♀️ #onlymyhusband #withthehalfeatenchurro 😂😭😩 baaaaaaabe, wtf!?

    10. And this husband who doesn't understand that drinks don't go in the closet:

    I open the hallway closet and what do I find...? #WhatsWrongWithThisPicture? #OnlyMyHusband #LoveHim #OhLookASquirrel

    11. This husband who doesn't know reds shouldn't be washed with light colors:

    12. This 6'2" husband who tried to hang a mirror for his 5'1" wife:

    13. This husband who thought baking cookies on cooling rack would work:

    14. This husband who can't take dictation from his wife:

    15. This husband who pees in the yard, but also lifts his pant leg up instead of unzipping his fly:

    16. This husband who blew up an inflatable pool inside for his kid to play in:

    17. And this husband who took a selfie while his wife was pushing out their baby:

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