17 Interesting Things You Didn't Know About Pregnancy

    Fear not. We have the answers.

    To get the facts, BuzzFeed spoke with Mary Jane Minkin, MD — a clinical professor of obstetrics, gynecology, and reproductive sciences at Yale School of Medicine.

    1. Your first sonogram will be internal — "I tell my patients it sort of looks like a big magic wand."

    2. And, sorry, but you don't get an ultrasound at every appointment.

    3. The act of sex won't induce labor, but seminal fluid might.

    4. Speaking of sex, the baby's head does not get "poked" while you're doing it.

    5. A male fetus will get erections in the womb.

    6. And a female fetus's eggs are formed in utero.

    7. A baby is actually 38 weeks (not 40 weeks) during a full-term pregnancy.

    8. Pregnant women don't need to "eat for two," they only need about 300 more calories a day during pregnancy.

    9. In utero, a baby's lungs are filled with amniotic fluid (which is actually their own pee) and they breathe it in and out.

    10. Babies pee, but they do NOT poop in the womb.

    11. Some pregnant women are horny all the time...and some are not.

    12. "Pregnancy brain" is probably just fatigue.

    13. Babies can hear inside the womb.

    14. Pregnant women pee a lot because of hormonal changes and pressure on the uterus.

    15. Having frequent heartburn during pregnancy does not mean your baby will have a lot of hair.

    16. Exercise is very safe during pregnancy.

    17. You could be pregnant for over a year.