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    17 Times It's Pretty Apparent You Are A Pinterest Mom

    "Oh! I have a board for that!"

    1. You literally live for birthday parties.

    megan71586 / Via Instagram: @megan71586

    2. And you put a lot of thought into the snack table.

    3. Some people get on Instagram or Facebook after the kids go down, but you get on Pinterest instead.

    4. You've never sent your child to school with a gift for a teacher that wasn't at least partly homemade.

    mmichelle_xx / Via

    5. Most of the items from your kitchen double as some sort of craft project for your kids.

    vallyali / Via

    6. If you're planning a class party or get together with friends, you usually go a little overboard.

    alexissamantha / Via

    7. You hit up craft stores on the reg.

    m01229 / Mike Mozart / Via flickr

    8. You are a master at transforming pretty much anything into a trendy masterpiece.

    tulipwoodfurniturehouse / Via

    9. You have at least one hand-painted sign somewhere in your house.

    caffeinated_mom / Via Instagram: @caffeinated_mom

    10. And someone always has to make a comment about how your stuff is so much cuter theirs.


    11. You love holidays because they are an excuse to make everything themed.

    fitmomwifeloveslife / Via Instagram: @fitmomwifeloveslife

    12. Your kid always has the best photoshoots.

    13. You usually make your kids Halloween costumes every year.

    beveproducts / Via

    14. You know all the best sensory activities for kids.

    m_a_m_a_b_e_a_r_ / themamiproject / Via / Instagram: @themamiproject

    15. You always volunteer at the school and go above and beyond for the class.

    16. You LOVE making baby shower gifts (and throwing baby showers in general).

    alyssapaschel / Via

    17. And you always, ALWAYS have a board for everything.

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