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17 Signs You Are Totally A Caffeine Mom

Coffee makes you a better parent.

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1. Starbucks prevents you from losing it on your kids.

2. You definitely have no energy to clean a mess without it.

selfieartisa / Via

3. And the more you have, the happier you get.

4. If you don't have caffeine, you look like your kids do every morning.

alissondlr / Via

5. And when your kid is embarrassing you in public, you act cool because:

@amandagorman220 / Via Twitter: @search

6. This is your happy place.

julezrulz / Via

7. Your kids walk around explaining things so you don't have to.

haleyb_moss / Via

8. And they also know the way to your heart.

live_healthy_and_well / Via

9. You hit a disturbing level of crazy without it...

10. But once you get it you are one calm, cool badass mom.


11. This image perfectly sums up your life.

laurencartz / Via

12. It doesn't matter what time of day it is, you have to have it.

13. TBH, it's like liquid confidence for motherhood.

reneejanove / Via

14. And sometimes all you need is the largest size there is to handle daily mommy duties.

rachaelnewnum / Via

15. These are the two most popular beverages in your household.

annaleigh_13 / Via

16. Your kids love trips to the coffee shop because it equals hot chocolate for them... and a much more pleasant mom.

ambertcb / Via

17. And when someone asks how you mom so good, your answer is always:

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