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17 Secretly Horrible Lies Your Parents Told You

Sorry we have to be the ones to break this to you.

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3. When your parents ate something that looked good but they told you it was "spicy," they were lying.

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It wasn't spicy at all. It was damn delicious and they didn't want to share it with your grubby little self.

5. When your parents told you Santa wouldn't visit if you were bad, they were lying.


They had every intention of sneaking those presents under the tree, even if you were a pain in the butt that year.

6. When a toy went missing and your parents told you they didn't know where it was, they were lying.


8. Almost every time your parents said, “Uh huh, uh huh... Yes, I’m listening!” when you were talking, they were lying.

9. Did your parents ever say you could get the toy at the store next time? Yeah, they were lying.


There was never a NEXT time because they knew your underdeveloped mind would forget about it in a few hours.

10. If your parents told you they needed "10 minutes" to rest before they tended to your needs, they were lying.

11. If your parents ever told you the tooth fairy got busy and "forgot" to visit the first night you lost a tooth, they were lying.

12. When your parents threatened to take you to school or day care on the weekend, they were lying.

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They were really just taking advantage of your sweet, naive mind.


14. When your parents said you wouldn't grow up to be big and strong if you didn't eat your veggies, they were lying.


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