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Literally Just 17 Dads Who Are Everything

#dadgoals for real.

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1. This dad who just gets father/daughter bonding.

sschremm / Via

2. And this dad who also understands father/daughter time.

judgehannah77 / Via

3. This dad who is a work of art.

ladyflip23 / Via

4. This dad who lets his daughter practice shaving on his leg.

amber_nicole8403 / Via

5. This dad who always waits for his daughter before watching the good shows.

6. This dad who knows the meaning of one-on-one time.

goat_sports_academy / Via

7. This dad who takes the proper precautions, but still gets the job done.

davidjames2015 / Via

8. This dad who makes sure every day is magical.

j.o.r.d.i.s_ / Via

9. This dad who always has an open lap for nap time.

lifeasakingvlogs / Via

10. This dad who is always there to lighten the load.

dammitjennah / Via

11. This dad who knows just how to brighten your day.

12. This dad who is his kid's personal trainer.

Instagram: @sarah

13. This dad who shows you how to smile on picture day.

twindependent / Via

14. This dad who knows the value of a good tea party.

thebyrdwoman / Via

15. This dad who lets his daughter properly utilize his chest.

tleebelle / Via

16. This dad who is really good at multi-tasking.

lexmason76 / Via

17. And this three-generation trio who quenches each other's thirst.

Instagram: @duckythesailor

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