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    16 Ways Becoming A Parent Completely Changes You For Life

    It's for the best. Promise.

    1. Your fridge turns into a shrine of children's artwork.

    cambrimarie / Via

    2. Your front door decor switches from wreaths to warning signs.

    mommysplaybook / Via

    3. Lipstick and jewelry are replaced by baby wipes and pacifiers in your purse.

    klburgee / Via

    4. Your clothes just don't fit the same anymore.

    luskkim7586 / Via

    5. And this is your new idea of "awesome" presents.

    6. The meaning of a "messy" house is no longer just dirty clothes on the floor.

    whattheflicka / Via

    7. And looking at yourself in the mirror is now frightening most days.

    onehotmessfitness / Via

    8. Multitasking gets redefined as finding a hands-free way to hold your baby.

    kristinacoons / Via

    9. Grooming yourself only happens if you have time after grooming your kid first.

    fridhaku / Via

    10. Your possessions can now get ruined in a whole new way.

    theladydaeger / Via

    11. These are your new necessities:

    willl_76 / Via

    12. And a full night's sleep is now considered anything longer than 30 minutes.

    13. Your dishwashing duties double and include baby bottles and sippy cups.

    gibbrocker / Via

    14. The list of things you worry about changes, too. Like whether or not you should move your baby out of this uncomfortable position and risk waking them up.

    15. And your nightly TV is replaced with watching your kid on the baby monitor.

    16. But don't worry, you will still always have room for wine.

    frannybeacom / Via

    Some things never change.

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