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Here's What It's Like To Date In A Small Town

*Queues Sam Hunt – Break Up In A Small Town*

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1. First of all, your options were VERY limited.

2. And when you did find someone you liked, they either dated your best friend...

3. ...or they were somehow related to you.


4. Anything that happened in your relationship was between you, your S.O., and everyone else in your small town.

5. If you wanted to go on a date, it was usually at Sonic, Dairy Queen, or the county fair.

6. But you couldn't go on Fridays because those were reserved for high school football games.

7. And if you wanted to get it on, your options were the backseat of a car on a dirt road or in the middle of a cornfield.

8. If you were feeling really dangerous, you would date someone in the neighboring city.

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9. You knew you were going to run into your ex every time you needed to go to the gas station.

10. And the worst was running into your ex's parents ALL THE TIME.


11. Sometimes your friends knew about your breakup before you even did.

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12. Pretty much everyone you’ve dated you’ve known since kindergarten.

13. Sometimes your parents would try to hook you up with their friend's kid.


14. And when there was a new person at your school, everyone looked at them like fresh meat.

15. You couldn’t go to Wal-Mart braless and in sweatpants because your crush will probably be there.

16. But there was nothing better than enjoying each other's company, cruising around town, and listening to your favorite music.

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